Enhancing Your


We’re here to erase distractions as you Come Away and Rest in God.  Here are just some ways we can assist you as you plan your prayer, praise or worship experience:

Celebrating the Eucharist – our chapels are equipped with all that you’ll need to celebrate mass.  We’re happy to sacristan for your mass or, if you’re group is here for several days to a week, we can show a member of your team where things are at.

Reconciliation Services – we have pamphlets your group is welcome to use to assist your participants to more fully participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We ensure our reconciliation areas are supplied with Bibles, facial tissues, and comfortable seating.

Music – our chapels have hymnals, piano/keyboards, and fabulous acoustics.  In addition, we have appropriate licensing and can assist you designing and printing necessary worship aids.

Bibles – we keep a large quantity of Catholic Bibles on hand; if your group needs Bibles for group conversation/discussion, or a participant forgot their Bible, we have one for their use.  Each lodging room also features a Little Rock Catholic Study Bible.

Adoration – we have what you need for your group’s priest or deacon to have Exposition and Benediction.


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