Our Family Style Rooms are traditional hotel-style rooms that feature two queen size beds and a private bath. We have 24 family style rooms available.

Standard rate is $95 per night + tax.

Our Monastic Style Rooms feature two bunked twin beds with in room sink and a common bath down the hall. These rooms are located near a family style kitchen with two refrigerators and a stove, equipped with coffee pot and dishes for guest use.

Standard rate is $48 per night + tax.

All linens are provided and each bed features a beautiful, hand-made quilt donated to the retreat center.

If you’re staying overnight in association with an event at Terra Sancta, lodging may be included with the registration form for the event.

Prices listed do not include lodging tax (8.7%).

A few extras


A residential kitchen is available for all lodging guests to use.  The kitchen is stocked with pots, pans, plates and more!  A small patio is located just outside the kitchen.

Guests are also welcome to use a small reading library – all materials have been donated.


2101 City Springs Road, Suite 300

Rapid City, SD 57702

8am-4pm Monday-Saturday

Extended hours & Sundays for events.


(605) 716-0925

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