Heart to Heart

A Weekend Retreat for the Engaged

The Heart to Heart Weekend Retreat for the Engaged is one of the requirements for engaged couples preparing for Marriage in the Diocese of Rapid City.  The retreat is designed to provide couples with an opportunity to deepen your relationship with one another and with God through a series of talks, activities, prayer experiences and quiet time for reflection.  We ask you to bring an attitude of eagerness and openness to talk with your beloved, to pray to God, and to quietly listen to your heart.  This is a chance to step away from the ordinary–from work, from recreation and from distractions.  It is a time for you to relax and to spend quiet time with each other and with God.

The retreat begins with dinner at 6pm on Friday and concludes after lunch on Sunday. You’re welcome to check-in anytime between 5pm and 6pm.  Please note, that the Natural Family Planning Seminar is not a part of this weekend, and must be registered for separately


2101 City Springs Road, Suite 300

Rapid City, SD 57702

8am-4pm Monday-Saturday

Extended hours & Sundays for events.


(605) 716-0925