The purpose of the challenge course at Terra Sancta is to provide individuals and groups with the opportunity to explore various aspects of personal growth and development as well as allowing your group to work on communication, problem solving, teaming and more!

All aspects of the Challenge Course are “challenge by choice” – each participant has the right to decline or stop participation in any event at any time.  We want all participants to have a safe and rewarding experience.

We are thankful for the work of many volunteers who made the course a reality.  If you’re group would like to use the Challenge Course, just let us know!



An excerpt from our Challenge Course Guidelines, developed by Denise Maher.

Trust, faith in each other and teamwork are what makes us strong as a group.  Just as trust in God, faith that He will protect us from evil and praying as a church community helps to strengthen and deepen us in our spiritual journey.

Individually we are limited and weak, but together we are strong.

Today we will be taking a challenge course which is designed to strengthen us as a team and teach us to work as one body with many parts.

Jesus did not attempt to complete his journey with us on earth alone.  Even in all his wisdom and glory, he knew he would need the disciples to carry out his message of salvation when he left us to return to his father.

We receive our faith from the Catholic Church and live it out in fellowship with the people of our congregation.  Lets looks at how our Church is structured as a holy family.


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